Reliable, economical, professional

The Stoffel Group acts as investor, builder, landlord and supervisor of its own and third-party properties. Private and institutional investors have participated in our company’s successful business policy for over two decades. The holistic strategic planning and management of real estate not only maintains its value, but also achieves continuous growth in success.

How we work

Absolute reliability

As project developers, we work along the entire complex value chain of real estate. This is why absolute reliability is our maxim in order to avoid incalculable risks.

Economic thinking

The aim of our daily work with real estate is to maintain value while constantly increasing returns. We look after foreign objects just as we look after our own — with an eye for detail and an eye for the big picture.

Professional work mode

We see ourselves not only as a service provider, but also as a competent contact partner. The first-class training and further education of our employees guarantees professional work.